About Us

Learning Tapestry is a dedicated team of professional software developers, product managers, educators, and strategic consultants. We are passionate about innovations in education, and committed to our clients' success.

Learning Tapestry Directors

Great service, Quality software, Talented people

We’re a triple bottom line company: We make a profit like any good business, our work makes the world better (“social impact”), and we create a healthy internal work environment for everyone who works here. As a result, values are at the heart of everything we do at Learning Tapestry:

  • Representing the interests of our clients and their users is more important than maximizing our ROI.
  • We take the time to listen to clients and challenge them to clarify their vision and objectives.
  • While our technical expertise is essential, it is not enough without strong character and solid communication skills.
  • We prioritize using open-source software to reduce costs, create flexibility, improve efficiency, and promote faster innovation cycles.
  • Our clients, employees, and consultants are our partners. We succeed when they do.