At Learning Tapestry we help people and companies who help educators and learners.

We work with startups, nonprofits, foundations, and major corporations to build their technology platforms and their internal technical capacity.

We empower curriculum authors with technology to help them efficiently produce high-quality, accessible content in a variety of formats.

We provide technology and consulting services to many values-based organizations to help them promote more equitable educational ecosystems.

Product Development & Implementation

We support your vision from ideation to post-launch maintenance and optimization while delivering solutions responsive to your time, budget, and other constraints.

  • Requirements gathering and specification
  • Solutions architecture and buy vs. build recommendations
  • Full-stack development, mobile apps, custom integrations
  • Comprehensive support throughout the development process: technical product and project management, devops, and QA

Technology Consulting

As experienced professionals with expertise in technology, education, and business, we provide strategic guidance to improve your technical systems or products.

  • Technical architecture and vision
  • Guidance on establishing sound software development, devops, and information security processes
  • Advice and support for building and developing your in-house technical team
  • Product development and business strategy

Systems Integration

We seamlessly connect and synchronize software systems within and outside of your system to streamline your operations.

  • Integrate legacy systems to newer applications
  • Link systems to merge different functionality
  • Eliminate data silos and manual processes
  • Custom integrations
  • API integrations

Customizable Solutions for Content Creators

We collaborate with you to customize technical solutions to help you more efficiently and effectively deliver high quality content to educators and learners.

  • Author full-course curricula and instructional materials using Google Docs and easily generate stylized Google Doc, PDF, HTML outputs
  • Allow visitors to your website to download copies of entire Google Drive folders and subfolders into their personal Google Drive while maintaining the folder hierarchy
  • Leading-edge AI content generation platform to create knowledge-building content for children
  • More effectively describe curricular content to make it easier to move from one platform to another

Open Source Tools

We build many solutions for our partners using open source licenses. We also build closed-source software, owned by our client, when that is appropriate.
We and our clients often choose open source
software for several reasons:

Lower cost
We can leverage existing technologies we've built for others, rather than building from scratch.

We don't "lock" partners into our services, so clients can find other service providers with the open technology we've built, although no one has taken us up on this yet!

Open technology
Other organizations and developers can create new solutions faster and at a lower cost.

Simpler licensing
It tends to financially favor our clients, over a traditional IP licensing approach.

Lower cost
It allows us to provide new clients with lower cost solutions by leveraging the existing technology we've built for others.

It gives our clients flexibility to find other service providers, should they be unhappy working with us (no one has taken us up on this yet!)

Open technology
It allows other organizations and people to create new solutions faster and at lower cost, by leveraging open technology.

Smooth licencing
It tends to financially favor our clients, over a licensing approach