Learning Tapestry builds and operates infrastructure components with new capabilities on top of existing education systems. These components help provide snap-in digital content search and analytics functions in learning environments. These resources are released as open source to provide low-cost and modifiable software to plug into today’s content and learning management systems.

Examples include analytic plugins to help track student activity and present it to teachers in a dashboard, LTI integrations to connect learning managements systems with custom grading solutions, and embedded search for learning content.

Content discovery engine

Open Source Tools

We build many solutions for our partners using open source licenses. We do this for several reasons.

  • It tends to financially favor our clients, over a licensing approach.
  • It gives our clients flexiblity to find other service providers, should they be unhappy working with us (no one has taken us up on this yet!)
  • It allows us to provide new clients with lower cost solutions by leveraging the existing technology we've built for others.
  • It allows other organizations and people to create new solutions faster and at lower cost, by leveraging open technology.

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