Steve Midgley

Founder and Manager Director

Steve Midgley

Steve Midgley is the founder and managing director of Learning Tapestry, an educational innovation company. Previously, he served as Deputy Director of Educational Technology for Arne Duncan at the US Department of Education, advising on education technology, interoperability standards and educational broadband infrastructure. He also served as the Director of Education at the FCC, where he headed the team that developed the Education policy for the National Broadband Plan. Steve has served on the boards of the nonprofit Literacy Lab and the foundation RaiseYou, and is an investor to and on the board of several for-profit organizations.

Prior to government service, Steve ran the technology consulting firm Mixrun, providing consulting CTO services to organizations including the California Department of Education, Pearson, Amplify, the Gates Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, and Danny Hillis’ Applied Minds. Mixrun has also worked with successful for-profit and non-education sector companies, including successful restructures and sale/merger transactions.

Steve has provided investment consulting services to venture capital funds. He also worked with the Stupski Foundation, designing technology grants in K-12 education, and providing technical services to those grantees.

Steve was the founding Vice President of Engineering for LoopNet Inc., a commercial real estate listing firm. He designed and built LoopNet's technology and web systems from its inception. LoopNet remains a successful business and was listed on NASDAQ until it was acquired by CoStar in 2012 for approximately $860M.

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